John Glenn Astronomy Park has now reopened to the public

When there:

- Please be aware that there is still a pandemic going on and be courteous of others.
- Maintain distance between your group and other parties
- No groups larger than 10 people. No more than 10 people in the circular Plaza
- Masks Required in the circular Plaza. (Masks

For more information about what's happening at the Park go to: or the John Glenn Astronomy Park Facebook page for program updates.

Original John Glenn Astronomy Park brochure 

JGAP Brochure page 1JGAP Brochure page 2

To view the brochure full size in PDF form click HERE.



Now that the Astronomy Park is open we're in need of volunteers to help with the following:
  • Help with parking 
  • Serve as greeters for park patrons as they enter the park
  • Other volunteer opportunities as the need arises

If you would like to become a volunteer at the Astronomy Park, on the observing program nights held on Friday and Saturday*, click on the link below. This will take you to an online volunteer form where you'll provide your 'Contact Information.' You'll then be contacted by someone from FHHSP with more information about your duties as a volunteer.



Astronomy park director Brad Hoehne has created the John Glenn Astronomy Park website where you can learn more about him and the park's mission. You will also find information about the programs that will take place at the park. How to become a Park volunteer. And information on making a Tax Deductible donation to the Park.

Also, the John Glenn Astronomy Park has a Facebook page,  When you get there please click the "Like" button. Then invite your friends to like the page as well.

You can also follow the Park on  Instagram,

The John Glenn Astronomy Park Fund was created in 2016 to support the Friends of Hocking Hills State Park in constructing and supporting an educational, recreational and research-oriented astronomy center at Hocking Hills State Park.

We are thrilled to report that donations for this project have now topped the $1 million mark. 

Our fundraising efforts continue, as we still need to raise $735,000.00 for equipment and educational programming. As we've been saying, this facility will be a huge addition to the Hocking Hills State Park. And, it's being done without the use of state funds. Nor, will there be any fees charged to those who will use this facility.

So, your help is needed to reach those goals. Please click here to go to the John Glenn Astronomy Park Fund page on the Foundation For Appalachian Ohio to find out how you can help us reach this goal. All gifts to the Fiends Of Hocking Hills State Park, including those to the John Glenn Astronomy Park Fund, are tax deductible. You may also make an online donation directly through our website simply by clicking here. Under I would like to make a contribution to: choose Astronomy Education Center, then choose the amount you would like to donate from the drop-down list. Or enter your own amount in the Other Amount box. 

Click HERE to view an animated video (on YouTube) for more information about the project.  

Now, that the Park is open, the links below are to news outlets that reported on the opening of the Park:

In the wake of the passing of Senator John Glenn on December 8, 2016, this project has gained local and national attention. View a sampling by clicking on the links below:

WOSU public media "In Memory Of John Glenn Astronomy Park takes shape"

The Columbus Dispatch "Hocking Hills observatory planned to counter light pollution."

The Washington Times "Observatory named for John Glenn proposed at Ohio state park"

The Intelligencer Wheeling News-Register "Hocking Hills Launches Phase 2 Of John Glenn Astronomy Park"

*Observing programs are held March through November. 

The illustrations below were created by M+A Architects, in Columbus, Ohio. 

Learn more about them at

Observatory Illustration Aerial Study

Observatory Illustration Perspective Study

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