Hiking Etiquette

Hiking EtiquetteHocking Hills State Park possesses more points of interest to the lovers of nature than can be found in any other portion of the state.  The rugged beauty lures the naturalist, botanist, zoologist or adventurer from across the country. The park is open year-round and offers something new and exciting with each coming season.  The brilliant fall colors, crystalline ice formations in winter, wildflowers of spring and summer, and abundant wildlife all year delight visitors.

Hiking EtiquetteBecause of its wilderness character, the park can be hazardous if you stray from the designated trails.  Be sure not to lean over rock ledges and keep young children restrained.  Certain trail sections have been closed for your protection.  While visiting the park, please help us in maintaining its pristine character by collecting litter and minimizing your impact during your stay.  Picking wildflowers and other plants is prohibited.  Many plants found here are part of a delicate ecosystem which must be preserved for it cannot be reestablished once altered.  For these reasons Hocking Hills State Park requires by law that HIKERS MUST REMAIN ON THE DESGINATED TRAILS AT ALL TIMES.

It is our desire that you enjoy your visit to Hocking Hills State Park to the utmost and that you return again and again.