Meet the Executive Director

Brad HohneBrad Hoehne has been passionate about the night sky for as long as he can remember. One of his earliest memories is of running through a dark field, glancing up, and suddenly feeling in his bones that the stars were very, very far away.

That passion led him to become a member of the Columbus Astronomical Society (CAS) and a frequent volunteer at Perkins Observatory in Delaware, Ohio. With the CAS, and at Perkins, he has conducted hundreds of public observing programs, has given lectures on all manner of astronomical topics, and, 2003, conceived of and planned what came to be the John Glenn Astronomy Park.

These days, Brad’s greatest passion has shifted from gazing out at the universe, to sharing the universe with others. He is most happy when someone, who, upon gazing through eyepiece a telescope that he is manning, exclaims in awe at the glittering sight before them and says “wow…”  

John Glenn Astronomy Park